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Specializing in Comprehensive Small Business and Residential IT Services in the ATL   

Let PC M.D. help you leverage your small business and home IT resources
to accomplish your IT needs better, faster, and cheaper than ever before!

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    At PC M.D., we know that:

  • Virus and spyware-free secured operating systems run better and accomplish tasks faster.
  • Defragmented hard drives read and write better for longer.
  • Empowered users are more productive and have more fun on their pc.
  • Data mobility is important to everybody.
  • Properly optimized websites show up in searches without a lot of extra $$, ad-words and hard sell.

Most large organizations have access to in-house IT solutions. We believe that small businesses, as the true foundation of our economic system, deserve the same IT solutions as the big boys.

In over a decade of experience in the IT industry, we have seen a lot of examples - the good, the bad, and the ugly of the IT world. Consistently, we have found that the most common obstacles to IT success are found in the local interactions of users, hardware, and software. Maximizing the efficiency of people-to-pc interactions is an integral part of all modern IT success. Too often it is the key step left out when it comes to supporting small businesses and the individual user. Help pages and distant tech support are not enough help and support, and there is no 'one-button' heuristic software answer to all of the IT problems out there.

From these beliefs, PC M.D. IT Consulting was born. We use our bases of knowledge and skill sets to support our clients to the highest standards of customer satisfaction. We believe that improving the individual user interaction quality while supporting from a strong technical foundation maximizes our clients' efficiencies. We set you free from your IT worries so you can work (and play) better and faster.


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